Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween tshirt gift ideas

Pumpkin head t shirts
Pumpkin head t shirts by MrHighSky
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So this time I bring some Halloween themed tshirt gifts products for you. The above shirt is a clever design of a Jack of Lantern pumpkin face over black shirt. This is completely customizable, so you can change the shirt type. It's available for both men and women as well as for children
Pumpkin head t shirts
Pumpkin head t shirts by MrHighSky
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This shirt too is a simple and clever design. As compared to the first shirt this one is best suited for light color shirts. You can change the color of shirt as well as the type. Available for men,women and kids.
Happy Halloween Bones T-shirts
Happy Halloween Bones T-shirts by FoxxyTees
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This one is funn cartoon style Halloween t-shirt designed by FoxxyTees. Happy Halloween text is written with bones and colorful cute spiders hanging from text. This too is available in different colors but I would suggest you to choose dark colors as the design best fits dark ones.
Skull T-shirt
Skull T-shirt by Holiday_Time
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This Skull design will  look great on anybody. A white color skull of black shirt is a perfect Halloween gift for men and women.
Happy Halloween, T-shirt
Happy Halloween, T-shirt by imagesArt
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This beautiful Halloween design is available in white color only. But you can further customize it. I will suggest that the default design as itself is pretty good as a gift.
Zombie Evolution Tees
Zombie Evolution Tees by Libertymaniacs
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From walking on all fours to simply becoming walkers. A creative Zombie Evolution design t-shirt.This is a great gift idea for both men and women.

Ghost - Spooky Haunted T Shirt
Ghost - Spooky Haunted T Shirt by GreenerCity
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Ghost - Spooky Haunted You can personalize the design further if you'd prefer, such as by adding your name or other text, or adjusting the image. Mostly suitable for white and black shirts.
Bewitched T Shirts
Bewitched T Shirts by RhonnaDESIGNS
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The designer says "Who needs a costume when you have this festive tee?!". I guess he is right. If you are not into heavy designed shirts and just want a simple style this can be a great choice for ladies. 
Zombie Brains Tee Shirts
Zombie Brains Tee Shirts by partypeeps
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Lastly a funny cartoon zombie illustration t-shirt for women. But you can customized it further and select other shirt types.
I hope you liked my Halloween t-shirt gift choices. Feel free to comment and give me some feedback .


  1. Think, its a good idea. Thank you so much for adding my product (by imagesArt) on your list. I have recommended your page on google. Cheers, Yoga.

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