Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aik Aam Si Larki

A few days ago I was reading a story about a girl who was very special. So before continuing towards the topic I would like to share that story in my own words.
"So there was this girl who was very talented, and everybody used to admire her talent. And there was this boy who was a friend of her, (Unfortunately). As the time passed she felt that she started liking him, so one day she asked him what do you think about me?. He said you are a good girl. And then somehow she told him that she loves him, but he said that he will think about it, and he left. After that day she would ask him everyday the what did he thought. So one day he replied that he doesn't like her because she was as beautiful as he would want her life partner to be. She felt that very hard. She came back home and locked herself in her room. Some strange thoughts were circling around in her head. She thought that everything was a lie, every comment about her talent, every clapping that was made for her ,,,, it was all lie. Whatever has been told to her was a lie. She can't get what she wished for because she is not beautiful. She picked a blade and cut her face. When her room was opened, these words were written on the floor "May be I am beautiful now"." 
"Beauty" This is the one thing which people are very concerned about these days. But many people don't know what "Beauty" really is. Today's world has become much more glamorous and glittering. Just like wealth people want beauty. A girl wants to look good, a boy dreams of a girl who would look like a barbie doll. But perfection does not exist in this world. Everybody has some good and some bad aspects. But people are not ready to accept it. This whole situation will make a girl think, who does not look beautiful, and does not want to be glamorous, that she is an ordinary girl (Aik aam si Larki).
Here I want to tell that " Aam si Larki " that you are special, everybody is born with a gift, a talent which no one else have, you just have to explore that talent, and this talent makes you special. Beauty is not something which eyes see, it is something which heart feels. The beauty which eyes see is like a flower, which eventually will fade someday. But the beauty that is felt in heart will remain forever. Your talent can make you achieve everything, because you talent becomes your passion and this passion will lead you to achieve you goals.
There is no need to be sad about what you are not, but there is a need to be happy about what you are and what "special beauty" you have. At the end I would just want to say that everything that glitters is not gold, sometimes the things which don't glitter are gold, but they just need to be taken care of so that they shine some day.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Vector Curtains Wallpapers

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Think Different

 As this slogan " Think Different " is associated with the Apple Inc. so I would start with what they say. "Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Apple Inc."
Well this article is not about the Apple company, it's about imagination, about think something which others would call madness, and it's about the belief that makes the difference.

Human history is full of such people who were called crazy, mad, absent minded, misfits, inappropriate in the society, but these very people changed the world as we know it. I am not going in detail about each person's life, I will just give few examples to show what "one person" can do.
Let's start with Albert Einstein. Well now a days every fifth grade kid knows who he was. He was pursued by his father to do electrical engineering, but he couldn't do it. Later on he wrote "The spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in strict rote learning ". He just didn't go on with what everybody else was going. He challenged it, and you see he proved it that he was right. When he left college, he must have been called crazy, fool and what not. But now he is known as "Genius", "the father of modern physics". This is what his belief, his struggle resulted in.
Now lets take a look upon the life of Walt Disney. I hope you are familiar with his name. A creative genius. I am taking his example because his field his totally opposite to the Elbert Einstein. Einstein was a person related to the field of science and engineering while Disney is the same genius but in the field of art. He struggled for his belief too, a really very hard struggle. He lost his job in the newspaper, just because they said that," you don't have creative skills". Funny isn't it? Now you see who created Micky Mouse, Donal Duck and what not. Every kid is familiar with his characters. Every kids loves Walt Disney Cartoons, and you know that Walt Disney studios is the world's biggest company which has produced tons of marvelous animated movies. You surely like The Lion King. So it is up to you to judge is this the person who had "no creative skills".
Now this is going to be my last example. The Wright Brothers, the ones who gave the world airplane. Lets imagine how the people would have treated them when they used to tell them that they are planning on building such a machine the can fly in the air. First the people must have laughed out loud , and then must have said " You fools , are you crazy, you think you can make something fly which is heavier than air ". But how they responded towards them, did they stop? No. They proved that something heavier than air can fly.  These two brothers were dropped out of school. But now you see that not only invented a machine to fly but they became the basis of a whole new field of studies,"Aeronautical Engineering". Imagine the world without airplanes.

These are just a few examples which I put in front of you. What I wanted to conclude is that one person can make a difference. His idea, his imagination, his struggle can change the world. Sometimes being different, thinking different may result in being known as abnormal person among the so called normal world, and you may be labelled as "crazy". But remember all the best persons who changed the world were called " crazy."  At the end I just want to quote Muhammad Ali Jinnah " Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man. "

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eagles and Crows brushes for Photoshop

These brushes are created by my using my own photography. You can use them for free without any limitations, but if you you credit me for these it will be a great deal for me. I am not putting any kind of limitations, because I know nobody cares for them.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Something about Mothers.

"Mother" such a simple word, but its too difficult to write about her. This first word a baby says , " Maa" , or may be " Mom", no matter what region of the world he is born , I think the first word is always about his mother.
Lets go back in time and see the role of mother in your life. So you were such a little cute baby. Your hand could hardly be the size of your mom's little finger. You couldn't speak, you couldn't tell what you feel, and may be your yourself couldn't tell yourself for sure what you feel. But she,,,,,,,,,,she was the one who could feel your feelings, she was the one who could feel you are hungry, she is the one who could feel your are uncomfortable, she is the one who could see the sunlight is disturbing your sleep, she is the one would know your bed is wet, and she knew it before you could even speak.
And you know what, she is the first person who fell in love with you, a long time ago before you could even understand what is love. And that love is so strong that you, and me hardly can imagine. She would hold your tiny, little, soft, cute hands. She would hold your such lovely softy feet and she would play with those sweet small fingers, no matter whether they are your hand's our your feet's.  She would take care of your soft skin, she would be worried about your beauty, your complexion, because you are the only beautiful thing for her. And she didn't even get bored of it. No matter what time is it she was always there for you, to help you, to please you, to take care of you, to make you smile, and to beat the monsters away from your dreams
 You remember how you used to sleep?. Of course even I don't remember that, I was just a little baby.  But I know how a baby sleeps, and the thing is there is no special time when a baby sleeps, and these is no special place where he would sleep, he would go to sleep while taking bath, he would go to sleep right after having his meal. But what this sleeping has to do with the mother. Let me tell you the best place where a baby loves to sleep is on mothers belly, that little baby hugs her and goes to the beautiful fairy dreams. And the mother she would kept lying on her back and she will even maintain the same posture the whole night just to give you a comfortable sweet sleep. And I love this thing about mothers that they would kiss you while you are sleeping and you will never know what just happened. You are the star of her eyes.
And then you grew a little older. You learned how to walk, how to speak, and to see, and how to get inspired. You started to know what you feel, and how does something feels, you were curious about everything you see. You wanted to know about everything. At that time, your mother held your hand and brought you to the light of the world, you could see everything but only she told you what is good and what is wrong,  and in doing so she might be harsh at times by saying, "Hey don't do that." or " Don't go over there." or "Don't play with that thing.". But it was not about keeping you away from your wishes, it was always about keeping you safe from the danger, from harm and from the troubles that you might have brought upon yourself in ignorance. This was because she loved you.
And when you grew a little more older and joined school, she was the one would make everything ready for you. You even didn't knew how to look good, she used to comb your hairs, she told you how to wash your face and how to look pretty and handsome. She helped you to learn, to get the knowledge, to study and pass the exams. And even if you couldn't get good grades she was always there to say, " It's no problem. You will do better than this next time.". And when you used to get tired of studying too much she was the one who would make little mischief and make you smile, make your tension go away, just like she used to let the monsters go away from your dreams when you were a baby.  And when you used to get good grades she was the one to hug you, she was the one with whom you wanted to share your happiness.
And then what happened?. You grew even older. Things get changed for you. You were in high school, you had friends your class-fellows, you could tie your shoe laces yourself, you could pack your school bag for yourself, you could comb you hairs yourself, you could choose your dress yourself.  You were grown up now, you feel like you can do everything yourself. And when you step outside the door to go to you school with your friends and you forgot to give your mom a kiss, and then she came out of the door and said out loud," I love you Son", or may be " I love you sweetie,",,," Take care". And you felt embarrassed in front of your friends, and you said straight, " I am not a kid anymore". But she smiled and said again " I Love You", but this time in a little low voice. And then you were on your way,. But when she closed the door, she felt tears in her eyes. This was the first time we gave her tears, we gave that woman tears who used to make us smile when we never know what is smiling, what is laughing and what is happiness.
After that time seemed to be flying so fast you could never realize what just happened.  You grew older, got job, got a wife and kids, and your mother grew even older. Things get changed for you, your preferences changed, you got too busy. You could hardly find time for your own-self even. But your mother she was always looking at you, getting progress in life, achieving heights. But her smiling  happy face was not there, it has changed, she lost her charm but her eyes,,,,,those were still young, because she got you in them , her eyes were happy because you were happy.  Even if she was crying, her lips were smiling ,,,,for you only.  She is old now, and now what,,,, you feel that she does not smell good because she can't take bath more often because her body is weak and is more prone to get diseases , but you forgot how you used to smell when you were a baby and you used to wet your bed,. You don't go near to her now, but she was the one who used to clean you.
May be you have a different experience of a mother, the time has changed people a lot, their preferences and their feelings and this has affected motherhood too. May be she is not the kind of mother I have described above, but I believe the somewhere inside the heart the motherhood remains alive always. May be she would realize it after a long time, but she will.
This was the story of a person and the role of a mother in it. And may be my words would have no effect on you at all,  but at the end I just want you to be with me for one more paragraph.
Lets go back in time, even before you were born. Your mother carried you in her womb and she took care of you., You don't think so that she took care of you? Ok then you take a pillow , a small one may be, and tie it around your belly under your shirt, and just go to have a walk around the street outside or may be go to buy something in the shop, or at least invite some friend in your home and you remain in the same condition when he/she arrives. Yes that's what exactly I expected you to say, " Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? How would I look like? What would they think of me?" . You cant do it for just few hours, but a mother looks just the same when she have a baby in her womb. But she doesn't think that she would not look pretty when she will go out, she doesn't think about that what others will think about her complexion. Rather than she is happy and proud of you.  At least we can think about this one little effort that she made for us  and give her some respect.
A mother is always a mother and she loves her children no matter what they are, where they are and what they do. May be you would not realize it now, but time is a great teacher, you will realize it soon enough. But lets not let the time to teach it, lets learn it from thinking about it now.
Because what I believe that a mother wants nothing from her kids, she doesn't want your money, that you may give her think that it would be enough for her, she would buy food and just live.She don't need that. She doesn't even want that, you be always with her, because she understands your needs, your difficulties.She just want you to hold her finger sometimes just like you used to do it when you were a baby, because this loving touch of your hand is life for her, it means a lot to her. And she just want to see the star of her eyes just occasionally , because she understands that your life is busy, she just want you to say, "Mama" just like the first word that you learned to speak.
The question is, are we too busy to give her few seconds of our life, who spent most of the night sleepless just for our sweet dreams. Can't we just hold her shivering hand and be her strength, because she is the one who held our hand and taught us how to walk. She brought is from non existence into the light of existence, so can't we take her out from the dark room of pain and sorrow into the light of happiness and smile. Can't we just find a little time to look at her with smile, whose happiness is always in our happiness.
Let us give her some time, let us make her monsters go away, just like she used to do, when we were babies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Generation gap between parents and children

Sitting on a bench alone in the park, I was very happy, but at the same time I was not. I wanted to share it with somebody , someone who would care for it, someone who would listen me, and someone who will hug me. Only then my happiness would be complete, but it didn't happened. At times when my heart was fill with joy and at times when I was feeling pain , I wanted to cry , I couldn't find someone who would enjoy the way I wanted to, or who would hug me and say, "Son! everything will be ok".  But it never happened. 

This is the life of at least every second person in the world. On the other hand a Dad would walk alone, and he would find no one to share himself with his own son. He would want to tell someone how he spent the day, what little things made him laugh and what made him cry.  But he too sees no one.

Ever wondered what happened to us? why are we so alone? where the all joy and happiness gone from our life? Ever thought that sometimes we are very happy but still there is something that is missing, something that would make our happiness complete. That something is called sharing, sharing what you feel with the person who would feel the same as you feel.

I always say that time changes a lot of things , and the ones who don't run with time are left behind. But running with time doesn't mean that you run alone, its running together, bringing everyone together, hands in hands supporting one another. The generation gap is the distance between these two running people who would run alone.

Now lets come to the point that why this gap occurs? and who is at fault?. Lets start with the birth of a child. When a baby is born the parents are very happy (I think mostly). They care for him, try to fulfill every need that he has, and slowly and slowly they get so busy in fulfilling his needs that they forget to know what his real needs are? and what he really wants? Now the distances start to occur. That kid now a teenager, when can't share with his parents starts to sharing with his friends, and in his mind the importance of parents starts to loose. This is just one way in which this gap is created. Another way is that the parents don't really care about what their kids really want, they just care about their own desires and they are too busy in pursuit of their own desires that they forget to talk to their own kids.  And when you ask such a person about his home, he would say, " In my home people don't talk, they yell ". This is the worst case because in this way as the children grow they start to hate their parents, at then a times come that they would not even listen towards anything about helping their parents. This is the way a home becomes a hell.
These two points were about the parents. Now lets see some faults of the children. Well the fact is the children grow too fast, and time seems to have passed so quickly that you would not understand that what just happened. When a kid reaches his teenage, he is full of youth and too receptive, there is great chance of influence from the environment surrounding him. So he will be attracted towards anything that he would feel right, and if the guidance of parents is not there, he will spoil himself and the result is chaos. At this time he would not even care for what his parents said, he would forget what his parents did for him, he would forget all the sufferings that his parents been through just to raise him well.

Ok now lets come to the solution.  I think the solution lies in the sharing, sharing whatever we feel, sharing whatever we think. This is the only way we can , if not eliminate then at least reduce this gap. Well the only way to share is to talk, when we ask one another about his feelings , about his thoughts. Sharing the love that we have for each other. Sometimes I see parents saying that they love their kids , and the love is in their heart, but I say what is the use of such love when we don't show it.
I don't understand why sometimes we are too afraid to share the love that we have for  each other, why don't we hug the person when we want to, why don't we laugh together when we want, our heart is saying ok lets do it, then why do we stop. Lets not put a barrier between this, lets share the love, the joy and even the pain and sorrow, for it is the only solution. 

How can we start this sharing? It's too simple , but it needs a lot of courage (I guess so). Lets start with talking to each other at the dinner table, or  maybe at breakfast. Asking not in the way that just words are coming out of the mouth but not the heart, talk like you mean it what you say, and the only way your words can have that strength when you feel what you are saying. 
Lets hold each others hand and have a walk, Lets get inspired by the nature that we have around us. This will give you the courage to speak what you want, this will help you to feel what other person, whose hand you are holding, feels. And soon you will see that the gap is vanishing. Lets  not feel shame in showing the love that we have in our heart, to each other. I say keeping the love just in the heart is useless, It's like a glass of water lying on the table, and if that water just keeps lying in the glass and it does not reaches in you mouth and it does not quenches your thirst it is useless to too. That water in the glass would mean nothing to you until you feel it in your body, fulfilling your need.  At the end I would say again lets start feeling for each-other, lets take sometime off from our daily routine and think about what we do and what we get in return, and how can we make it better, lets sit together and lets play together for it will help us living a happy life, the life that would be real happy one.