Sunday, June 24, 2012

Four Years Degree Program of Being Useless

I still remember the poem of Allama Iqbal "A mountain and a Squirrel". Those were the school days and while reading this poem I used to picture the exact scene in my mind and see those two talking to each other. The teacher used to explain each verse and at the end she would tell us what lesson we learn from it. An now after 16 years of education I saw another meaning to it.

I found out that the squirrel and the mountain both have different purpose. A squirrel is not mean to do what a mountain is made for and neither a mountain can achieve what a squirrel can. Both have different capabilities and both should be judged on a different scale. The same situation I see in my class, one door for everyone to pass through, the tall, the short, the fat and the slim every one has to go through the same door. That's what the examination system is all about it tells you what you are not capable of and what you can not do instead of telling you what you are capable of and what you can do best. I am one of those people who believe that everyone has some great talent in them, each person is different from the other in the way what he can do, so he must be judged on the basis that how he does what he does not by way that how he does what he is not meant to do.

Mostly the careers are already decided before a child arrives in this world, and even some parents plan on having the number of kids based on the number of careers they would like to see in their family. This is the first point from where the whole journey starts. Very little time is given to the young mind to discover himself and to find out what he is interested in and if somehow he manages to find it out the whole scene is made like if it is a war and he is pushed into something he can hardly understand. Only one thing is fed to his mind, "son score good marks and go to college." That's it, no more options, like if this is the only way to be a successful and happy person.
In my view there are two basic reasons for this kind of what you can say a behavior, or a mindset.
1) Comparison
2) Expectation
I would define the comparison in this way that you are being continuously told by someone that such and such person did this in this way so you have to do the same, For example if a kids friend gets better grades than him, that poor kid is discouraged by telling him that why couldn't you score higher than him. Even if he stood second and his friend was first. Instead of appreciating him for what he has achieved he is felt ashamed of what he could not achieve.
The second thing expectation; very high expectations can cause discomfort and sadness. So if a person is expected to be the best in his studies and he is unable to perform that well simply because the subjects couldn't grab his interest, that would cause unhappiness. It is good to have expectations but these should be according to the abilities of a person, his interest.
From what I have experienced is that most of the education fields (not all of them) destroys creativity and thinking. It put barriers on a person's ability to ask questions, and get the answers by thinking, observation and experience. I would not allow you to explore new horizons. You are forced to believe in something even if you can not get the logic, and when you try to argue, you are told "if you want to get good grades, learn it". So the whole thing is all about grades. But my question is does having good grades mean you are a creative person? Does a person with good grades will surely be able to solve a problem? I leave these to you to think about it.
Another thing I asked myself after four years of college education the what do I have now that I didn't have four years ago? The answer was simple just a piece of paper called 'degree'. I was standing at exactly the same point where I was four years ago. Although I can now speak about certain topics that they taught, but will the words in my speech are mine, or these are the same words I memorized from the book. Where is the creativity?
Now I can't even earn a living without having a job. So the education system gave me this degree to make me able to search for a job, not to create one. This is what I call a useless education, because it does not makes you able to create something new. Something which was not already present. I am sorry to use these words but the truth is it would make us a 'beggar'. I would hand over that piece of paper in our hands and ask us to go here and there to find jobs, just like the bowl of a beggar, who ask people to put some money in it, we ask companies to put a job on that piece of paper.
So before applying to any field, don't just fill the form blindly or according to someone's wishes. Find out what your talent is, and than go for it, because your talent will help you to be creative and if you are creative nothing can stop you from earning happiness.
I would like to end this by quoting Albert Einstein, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romantic Movie Intro After Effects Project

This project is inspired by the motion graphics of the 2011 movie "The Descendants". Easy to edit project file.

Resolution: 1080p
Length: 30 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps

This project file is can be edited in After Effects 7 and above.
Music used from
This project file is not free.
If you need it you can contact me at

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seamlessly Loopable Golden Motion Background

Seamlessly Loop-able golden motion background designed in Adobe After Effects.
Resolution: 1080p
Length: 10 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Format: Quicktime mov, also available as Jpeg image sequence
Price: $5

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