Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Understanding Life

What is life? This is the question I saw many times in different forums and in discussions, and I think it is very difficult to give a straight forward simple answer to it. Everybody, according to his experience explains it in different way. For me the most important thing to know is that what is the purpose of life rather than to know what it is, because I think it is a mystery and it will remain a mystery throughout our life. Life has all the colours, though most people can not see it, that's why we are complaining why my life is like this, why do I have no happiness?, why there is nobody who would care for me and love me? and many other such questions come in our mind when we see our life full of problems. So what we get from thinking in that we, I guess we get only pain and tension.

According to my point of view instead of complaining we should fight with our problem, if one way is blocked, we should open another way, if we find no way out, we should wait, but not panic, just wait for the right time to come and then we should avail the opportunity to get rid of the problem. Yes I know it is not that easy as it is easy to say, but the reality is in situations we can not do something we have to wait for the time to pass because eventually it will pass and our misery will end.