Sunday, November 1, 2015 the worst shopping site in Pakistan

Recently I was searching for a laptop for my work. I wanted something which I could use for a long time and perform multiple tasks. As I was living away from the major cities of Pakistan so I decided to look online, to save time and money. After looking for a week I decided to place an order with But before placing the order I wanted to get an expert advice, so I mailed them and asked to give me a suggestion between two laptops that I have chosen. No reply came from them at all, even till now after three months. Anyway after looking at specs and reviews I finally placed an order with them, and deposited full payment in advance. The confirmed the payment within few hours. I was happy thinking that I will get it within a month (as the shipping time was mentioned as 20 to 25 days). But after 5 days I noticed that my status was still showing 'to purchase' state. So I emailed them again and asked for clarification. This time I got a voice email from Mr. Shayaan Tahir that the payment is made and that my order will be delivered within a month. What the status is showing means that your product is not yet arrived in Pakistan. But within a few hours they changed the status to 'in Transit'. So again I hoped that I will receive the product in three weeks now. But after three weeks I got a call from them, the guy on the phone said that they are having some delay in shipment so it will take another month. I asked why is it so, and then he replied that "its just some issues with the shipping company , don't worry your product is purchased we just have to clear the shipping". So I said ok, I will wait. But after passing twenty days I mailed them again about this. This time no reply came for a week. Then it was three eid holidays. On third day of Eid I got an email agin from Mr. Shayaan that My  order will be delivered within an week, he used the words "I assure you". One week passed but still nothing. So I called there helpline and asked about this order. After holding for 10 minutes A guy was on the phone telling me that he is very sorry and that my product is not even purchased from the US. That was a great Shock for me. They kept on lying to me for two exact months, and in the end all they could say was "Sorry".  I asked him to give me the cellphone number of Mr. Shayaan. So I called him and asked him why did he do this. He said he will check and hung up. So I called him again, this time again he said he will check and hung up. After 15 minutes I got a call from from another guy telling me that they are very sorry and that if I give them a chance they will provide the product within 4 weeks. I was hesitant, but still I said okay, but this time I asked them that I want the shipment tracking number within a week otherwise I want a refund. He said he will provide a tracking number within a week. So after a week I called there helpline and asked for the status. They said that Mr. Saqib is not in the office, as soon as he arrives we will let him know and he will call me. That day no call came from them. The next day in the morning I called them again and they said the same thing that Mr. Saqib is not in the office. On that day before evening I called them again, Once again they said that only Mr. Saqib can give me information and that he is not available and that they are going t forward the query to him. No reply came from them again on the second day.  On third day I called them again in the morning and once again they gave me the same reply, I was very irritated by this behavior, so I asked them to give me the refund. The said once Mr. Saqib gives the update then we can proceed further. So I called them again on that day at 3 pm. This time Mr. Ali came and told me that they could not arrange the product and wanted me to choose a different laptop from their shop if I want to. But I said I need a refund immediately. He told me to provide me bank details to their support department. So I provided the details with no delay. Next day I called them and asked about the refund. They said I have to mail their account department as well. So I emailed them too. No payment was processed on that day. On the third day I called them again about the refund. They told me that they will send my query. On that day I got an email that that they sent the approval request to the CEO. Well after that no reply came on the third day as well. On fourth day (it was saturday) I called them and asked about the refund. The said they will send the query again. So again I got an email from the that the refund is approved and will be sent soon.Well on that day the refund was not made. So on the next day I called Mr. Shayaan and asked him about the refund as nobody was answering the call from helpline. He said to give him my bank details and that he will give me the refund. So I gave the details immediately. But no refund was made again . So in the evening I called him again, once again he said that he will make the refund as soon as he reaches home. On that night I got a message that the refund is made.
Finally after wasting my time for two and a half months I got my money back. It was a terrible experience with them. They are a bunch of liars and the most careless people you will find in Pakistan. Their customer service is the most pathetic one I have experienced. I am writing this to let anybody know about this site and the trouble he can get in by trusting them. Rest is up to you to decide.