Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funny t-shirt for Technicians

Technician Tee Shirt
Technician Tee Shirt by MrHighSky
 Recently I designed a funny t shirt for technicians at Zazzle. It has been already purchased. You can get yours by clicking on the above image. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Personalized Cartoon Gift Ideas

Everybody loves cartoons. So this week I have selected some great customizable personalize cartoon products.
Cute green goblin cartoon t shirts
Cute green goblin cartoon t shirts by MrHighSky
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This customizable t-shirt has an angry little green cartoon character. You may call it a goblin or a monster. This moody cute friend will surely cheer you up and everyone who sees you in this t shirt.
Cartoon face t-shirt
Cartoon face t-shirt by MrHighSky
Make your own custom t shirt at Zazzle
This funny smiling cartoon face with tongue out tee shirt design sill surely bring out smile on everyone's face. Both of these shirts are completely customizable. You can choose a style for a kid if you like these designs.
Funny Red Cartoon Yubo Lunch Boxes
Funny Red Cartoon Yubo Lunch Boxes by MrHighSky
Find lunchboxes online at
This cute funny red cartoon character with two thumbs up will definitely cheer up your kid and he/she will finish her lunch.
Personalized name pegasus pink argyle lamps
Personalized name pegasus pink argyle lamps by Brothergravydesigns
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Cute pegasus gift ideas. Create your own custom Personalized just add name,monogram, or initials or saying on your cute cartoon white pegasus pink argyle pattern background and pink hearts stripe. Cute pegasus gift ideas for kids. Ideal for birthday parties and holidays. If you hit the customize it button you can change the color and type of font.
Crazy Colorful Monsters Kids Table Lamp
Crazy Colorful Monsters Kids Table Lamp by PrettyPatternsGifts
Shop for another lamp online at Zazzle
This crazy colorful monsters kids table lamp is a great item for a kids room.
Tall Cute Giraffe. Cartoon Animal. Post Card
Tall Cute Giraffe. Cartoon Animal. Post Card by Animal_Art_By_Ali
Make your own postcards custom at Zazzle
This post card of a cartoon of a tall giraffe will please a kid on his birthday.
Dinosaur Cuteness Extravaganza Pillows
Dinosaur Cuteness Extravaganza Pillows by stylistaprints
See other pillows.
This cute dinosaurs pattern pillow will bring sweet dreams to your kid. He/she will not feel lonely with them.
Moose with Big Antlers Computer Sleeves
Moose with Big Antlers Computer Sleeves by ZooCute
Check out these Laptop Sleevesat Zazzle
This magnificent and cute cartoon moose (or elk, as they are called in Europe) has massive antlers!! He is adorable, brown, and even has a cute little moose beard. A perfect gift for a little older kid or even a teenager.

Penguins Laptop Sleeve
Penguins Laptop Sleeve by MrHighSky
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This laptop sleeve with an illustration of a family of penguins enjoying on ice is a great gift idea for kids. You can customize it you put your kids name on it.
Cute green goblin cartoon sleeves for iPads
Cute green goblin cartoon sleeves for iPads by MrHighSky
Find more iPad accessories.
If your kid plays a lot on your ipad your can protect it from damage using this ipad sleeve.  This moody cute friend will surely cheer him up. On the front side there is a customizable text option. You can put your kid's name here.
animals under tree spiral notebook
animals under tree spiral notebook by GraphicsRF
Find more Vector Notebooks at Zazzle
Last but not least this notebook with illustration of animals under the tree on white will hopeful will interest your kid in homework happily.
That's all for today. Let me know what you think of these products and also what else would you like to see in future on this blog. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween products and gifts

As Halloween is approaching. Most people are already preparing for it, making costumes and looking for some products for this occasion. So this week I bring for you some great products from zazzle.

Jack-o-lantern Face Custom Announcement
Jack-o-lantern Face Custom Announcement by MrHighSky
Create your own custom invites at
This first product is a Halloween customizable invitation because most like some of you would like to invite people to a party, {cause its scary to party alone:)}. This Halloween party invitation design has a spooky jack-o-lntern pumpkin face in yellow color over black background. The text in front and back is customizable. You can add your details at the back easily.

Cute Halloween pumpkins Gift Wrapping Paper
Cute Halloween pumpkins Gift Wrapping Paper by MrHighSky
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Those who would like to bring gifts on the party would definitely want to wrap them in some special wrapping paper. This vintage style cute smiling Halloween pumpkins design pattern wrapping paper will fill your need.
Halloween Pattern Desk Lamps
Halloween Pattern Desk Lamps by MrHighSky
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This black and white Halloween pumpkins and bats pattern lamp will light up the party, or may be just your own room. 
Halloween will be spook-tacular postcards
Halloween will be spook-tacular postcards by fuchsundspatz
Full Color postcard printing on zazzle
Halloween will be spook-tacular with this Cute happy ghost with Jack-o-lantern postcard
Eboola Bumper Sticker
Eboola Bumper Sticker by BumperPress
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This Halloween parody of Obama and Ebola Bumper sticker will stand out in the crowd..
Pumpkin head neck tie
Pumpkin head neck tie by MrHighSky
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 This evil pumpkin face black tie will be great causal dress item to wear during your work on Halloween. 
Stylized Skulls Tie
Stylized Skulls Tie by CreativeClutter
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This stylized vector-drawn white skulls on black background is another great tie to wear on Halloween.
Cat's Eyes Print
Cat's Eyes Print by j_krasner
See other Cat Posters at zazzle
Bats Poster
Bats Poster by geracedesign
View more Halloween Posters
Decorate your room with these two beautiful spooky Halloween posters. These simple but clever designs are great products for Halloween party.
Halloween Bats Sleeves For MacBook Pro
Halloween Bats Sleeves For MacBook Pro by MrHighSky
View more MacBook Pro accessories at
Carry your Macbook Pro in this vintage style bats pattern customizable sleeve.
Scarecrow Leaves and Tree iPhone 6 Case
Scarecrow Leaves and Tree iPhone 6 Case by TNMgraphics
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Finally the best thing is to protect your iphone 6 from bending during these holidays with this cute harvest scene iphone 6 case. Tree made up of circles of gold, orange and turquoise. Basket of fruit and a scarecrow in the same colors.
I hope you liked this post and my choice of products. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween tshirt gift ideas

Pumpkin head t shirts
Pumpkin head t shirts by MrHighSky
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So this time I bring some Halloween themed tshirt gifts products for you. The above shirt is a clever design of a Jack of Lantern pumpkin face over black shirt. This is completely customizable, so you can change the shirt type. It's available for both men and women as well as for children
Pumpkin head t shirts
Pumpkin head t shirts by MrHighSky
Create your own t-shirts on zazzle.
This shirt too is a simple and clever design. As compared to the first shirt this one is best suited for light color shirts. You can change the color of shirt as well as the type. Available for men,women and kids.
Happy Halloween Bones T-shirts
Happy Halloween Bones T-shirts by FoxxyTees
Look at more Happy halloween T-Shirts at zazzle
This one is funn cartoon style Halloween t-shirt designed by FoxxyTees. Happy Halloween text is written with bones and colorful cute spiders hanging from text. This too is available in different colors but I would suggest you to choose dark colors as the design best fits dark ones.
Skull T-shirt
Skull T-shirt by Holiday_Time
Shop for Skull T-Shirts online at
This Skull design will  look great on anybody. A white color skull of black shirt is a perfect Halloween gift for men and women.
Happy Halloween, T-shirt
Happy Halloween, T-shirt by imagesArt
Make your own custom shirt design at Zazzle
This beautiful Halloween design is available in white color only. But you can further customize it. I will suggest that the default design as itself is pretty good as a gift.
Zombie Evolution Tees
Zombie Evolution Tees by Libertymaniacs
Design your own customized t-shirts at Zazzle.
From walking on all fours to simply becoming walkers. A creative Zombie Evolution design t-shirt.This is a great gift idea for both men and women.

Ghost - Spooky Haunted T Shirt
Ghost - Spooky Haunted T Shirt by GreenerCity
Browse Ghost T-Shirts
Ghost - Spooky Haunted You can personalize the design further if you'd prefer, such as by adding your name or other text, or adjusting the image. Mostly suitable for white and black shirts.
Bewitched T Shirts
Bewitched T Shirts by RhonnaDESIGNS
Create your own tee shirt at Zazzle.
The designer says "Who needs a costume when you have this festive tee?!". I guess he is right. If you are not into heavy designed shirts and just want a simple style this can be a great choice for ladies. 
Zombie Brains Tee Shirts
Zombie Brains Tee Shirts by partypeeps
Get the best custom t-shirts from
Lastly a funny cartoon zombie illustration t-shirt for women. But you can customized it further and select other shirt types.
I hope you liked my Halloween t-shirt gift choices. Feel free to comment and give me some feedback .