Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aik Aam Si Larki

A few days ago I was reading a story about a girl who was very special. So before continuing towards the topic I would like to share that story in my own words.
"So there was this girl who was very talented, and everybody used to admire her talent. And there was this boy who was a friend of her, (Unfortunately). As the time passed she felt that she started liking him, so one day she asked him what do you think about me?. He said you are a good girl. And then somehow she told him that she loves him, but he said that he will think about it, and he left. After that day she would ask him everyday the what did he thought. So one day he replied that he doesn't like her because she was as beautiful as he would want her life partner to be. She felt that very hard. She came back home and locked herself in her room. Some strange thoughts were circling around in her head. She thought that everything was a lie, every comment about her talent, every clapping that was made for her ,,,, it was all lie. Whatever has been told to her was a lie. She can't get what she wished for because she is not beautiful. She picked a blade and cut her face. When her room was opened, these words were written on the floor "May be I am beautiful now"." 
"Beauty" This is the one thing which people are very concerned about these days. But many people don't know what "Beauty" really is. Today's world has become much more glamorous and glittering. Just like wealth people want beauty. A girl wants to look good, a boy dreams of a girl who would look like a barbie doll. But perfection does not exist in this world. Everybody has some good and some bad aspects. But people are not ready to accept it. This whole situation will make a girl think, who does not look beautiful, and does not want to be glamorous, that she is an ordinary girl (Aik aam si Larki).
Here I want to tell that " Aam si Larki " that you are special, everybody is born with a gift, a talent which no one else have, you just have to explore that talent, and this talent makes you special. Beauty is not something which eyes see, it is something which heart feels. The beauty which eyes see is like a flower, which eventually will fade someday. But the beauty that is felt in heart will remain forever. Your talent can make you achieve everything, because you talent becomes your passion and this passion will lead you to achieve you goals.
There is no need to be sad about what you are not, but there is a need to be happy about what you are and what "special beauty" you have. At the end I would just want to say that everything that glitters is not gold, sometimes the things which don't glitter are gold, but they just need to be taken care of so that they shine some day.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Vector Curtains Wallpapers

Curtains design wallpaper with three different resolutions. Normal, widescreen and HD.