Saturday, August 25, 2012

Touced by Gold Photoshop Action

> This action is created in Adoe Photoshop CS4 and should work with CS4+ versions too.
> I am not sure whether this action will work with previous versions or not, so try it on your own risk.
> You can use this action in your personal and commercial work freely.
> I would greatly appreciate it if you credit me in your work and link back.
> Do not download these actions to redistribute! Change them and upload them as your own resources.
From Deviantart

Friday, August 24, 2012

Balloons in the sky

My first ever 3d render. It was modeled and composed in Blender.
Download high res image from Deviantart

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Company/Product Promotion After Effects Template

An after effects template designed to promote your product or service.
Resolution: 1080p
Length: 1min 10sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps

After Effects version: CS3 can be edited in the later versions too.
Music used from here
This project file is not free if you need it contact me

You can view another version with a different audio here

4 Free Yellow Peeled Paint Texture

This time I give you 4 free textures from a bench of a nearby park.

>You can use these textures in your personal or commercial works.
>It will be much appreciated if you credit me in your work and link back.
>Please don't sell these textures or provide them free as your own property.
>And be creative

From Deviantart

Monday, July 16, 2012

Special News After Effects project

This time a little fun with the red color. This project is made for one news only, but it can be stretched to any length of time.
Resolution: 480p (720x480)
Length: 10 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Format: After Effects CS3 project file (.aep)

Contact me if you need it

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free Ramadan Loopable motion Background

This time I bring for you free loopable motion background for the Ramadan.
Resolution: 1080p
Length: 10 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Format: Quicktime mov

You can download the quick time mov file here
Password: mrhighsky 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Four Years Degree Program of Being Useless

I still remember the poem of Allama Iqbal "A mountain and a Squirrel". Those were the school days and while reading this poem I used to picture the exact scene in my mind and see those two talking to each other. The teacher used to explain each verse and at the end she would tell us what lesson we learn from it. An now after 16 years of education I saw another meaning to it.

I found out that the squirrel and the mountain both have different purpose. A squirrel is not mean to do what a mountain is made for and neither a mountain can achieve what a squirrel can. Both have different capabilities and both should be judged on a different scale. The same situation I see in my class, one door for everyone to pass through, the tall, the short, the fat and the slim every one has to go through the same door. That's what the examination system is all about it tells you what you are not capable of and what you can not do instead of telling you what you are capable of and what you can do best. I am one of those people who believe that everyone has some great talent in them, each person is different from the other in the way what he can do, so he must be judged on the basis that how he does what he does not by way that how he does what he is not meant to do.

Mostly the careers are already decided before a child arrives in this world, and even some parents plan on having the number of kids based on the number of careers they would like to see in their family. This is the first point from where the whole journey starts. Very little time is given to the young mind to discover himself and to find out what he is interested in and if somehow he manages to find it out the whole scene is made like if it is a war and he is pushed into something he can hardly understand. Only one thing is fed to his mind, "son score good marks and go to college." That's it, no more options, like if this is the only way to be a successful and happy person.
In my view there are two basic reasons for this kind of what you can say a behavior, or a mindset.
1) Comparison
2) Expectation
I would define the comparison in this way that you are being continuously told by someone that such and such person did this in this way so you have to do the same, For example if a kids friend gets better grades than him, that poor kid is discouraged by telling him that why couldn't you score higher than him. Even if he stood second and his friend was first. Instead of appreciating him for what he has achieved he is felt ashamed of what he could not achieve.
The second thing expectation; very high expectations can cause discomfort and sadness. So if a person is expected to be the best in his studies and he is unable to perform that well simply because the subjects couldn't grab his interest, that would cause unhappiness. It is good to have expectations but these should be according to the abilities of a person, his interest.
From what I have experienced is that most of the education fields (not all of them) destroys creativity and thinking. It put barriers on a person's ability to ask questions, and get the answers by thinking, observation and experience. I would not allow you to explore new horizons. You are forced to believe in something even if you can not get the logic, and when you try to argue, you are told "if you want to get good grades, learn it". So the whole thing is all about grades. But my question is does having good grades mean you are a creative person? Does a person with good grades will surely be able to solve a problem? I leave these to you to think about it.
Another thing I asked myself after four years of college education the what do I have now that I didn't have four years ago? The answer was simple just a piece of paper called 'degree'. I was standing at exactly the same point where I was four years ago. Although I can now speak about certain topics that they taught, but will the words in my speech are mine, or these are the same words I memorized from the book. Where is the creativity?
Now I can't even earn a living without having a job. So the education system gave me this degree to make me able to search for a job, not to create one. This is what I call a useless education, because it does not makes you able to create something new. Something which was not already present. I am sorry to use these words but the truth is it would make us a 'beggar'. I would hand over that piece of paper in our hands and ask us to go here and there to find jobs, just like the bowl of a beggar, who ask people to put some money in it, we ask companies to put a job on that piece of paper.
So before applying to any field, don't just fill the form blindly or according to someone's wishes. Find out what your talent is, and than go for it, because your talent will help you to be creative and if you are creative nothing can stop you from earning happiness.
I would like to end this by quoting Albert Einstein, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romantic Movie Intro After Effects Project

This project is inspired by the motion graphics of the 2011 movie "The Descendants". Easy to edit project file.

Resolution: 1080p
Length: 30 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps

This project file is can be edited in After Effects 7 and above.
Music used from
This project file is not free.
If you need it you can contact me at

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seamlessly Loopable Golden Motion Background

Seamlessly Loop-able golden motion background designed in Adobe After Effects.
Resolution: 1080p
Length: 10 sec
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Format: Quicktime mov, also available as Jpeg image sequence
Price: $5

If you need it you can contact me at

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Golden line free background design

This simple background animation is designed in After effects and is free to use.
Please let me know where you use this background.

lenght: 10 sec
framerate: 30fps
You can download the quick time mov file here
Password: mrhighsky

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bokeh Flythrough Logo Reveal

Simple Bokeh Flythrough Logo Reveal done in After Effects. Colors are editable and the logo and the text can be replaced too.
If you need this project you can contact me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Precious Gift

Sometimes when I look back in my life and try to remember something, it feels like it was a dream. May be you have experienced something like that or may be it's just me, anyway the point here is not to talk about how beautiful of how bad the past was, but here I would like to say something else.
I remember those school classes when we were told that everything is made up of atoms and in the past it was considered that atoms are the smallest particles in the universe but later on some crazy people tried to discover more and they found out that atoms themselves are made of even smaller particles (or may be not particles just SOMETHINGS) well whatever they say I don't want to argue with them right now. So I always wondered that there are some other things, (hmmmm well we can't call them things specifically but ok lets assume these are called things), which are not made up of atoms and so they should be made up of something else. Ok this is not going to be a science lecture so I just come back to the point. I always tried to find out what is our life and what meaning does it has, and few days ago I was wondering about this and the thought came upon me that our life is made up to time. The years, months, hours, minutes, seconds, they are our life. I mean just think about it, from birth to death what we all have, surely just time. We are not born with the same opportunities and same capabilities but there is something which we all are born with, it's time. Of course everybody doesn't have the same amount of time to live but still everybody has it with him.
So I think the most precious thing that we have is time, and we have a limited amount of it, because with every passing second it moves towards a finish line.Like an hour glass it's moving towards it's end, and if we see closely it moving pretty fast. I mean most of us must have used a stopwatch or a countdown timer (yes I know mostly in game there is a count time timer) so when we look at to milliseconds we can see that they are moving really very fast that we can even barely see them. Just in the same way the countdown timer of our life is moving, with the same speed, so we should use what time we have in some kind of a better way to play the game of our life, before it says GAME OVER, or Time over , well whatever it is.

Now there are some people who realize this importance of time and make use of it in a good way. I mean there is slogan you must have heard that "Time is money" and stuff like that. But I don't believe that the time is money, it sure seems so but it's not in my point of view. In my point of view this gift that we have, (yes I am talking about time) has some greater purpose, it has a greater meaning for us. I have seen such people, the old ones, when they look upon the life they have spent they say, "well we wasted it". And even if they are very comfortable , a very nice house, bed, and some other things like that, but still they feel that they lack something, something that they should have done. And what they are missing is the true Happiness. I mean you can see them smiling and laughing but their faces show something else, their eyes tell a different tale. What they missed is to sow the seed of happiness at the right time. Have you ever seen a candle, well sure you did. So at the start when we lighten up a candle it flickers and at the end when it is about to finish it flickers again. During these two events it remains steady (unless you are blowing over it , and tell me hey Umer this is not so) and you must have noticed that during this time when it is steady we can make the best use of it. Similar is the case of our life when we are born we try to adapt to the environment we have , when we are old we try to adapt to the environment we have because in both these time we have little control over it so the only choice we have is to adapt. But during these two times we have a period in which we can do most of the stuff and we are capable of it.
So lets make use of that period in such a way that would bring happiness to us instead of tears at the end. And even we get tears at the end it will not be of pain but it will be pearls of happiness. Remember that I told you in above paragraphs about sowing seeds of happiness. It's about spreading love to the people who love us , who make us happy, and specially to the people who can't be happy without us, and they are always looking towards us with hope in their eyes. ( Ok if you don't know what it looks like see the above right picture of this cute little girl and see her eyes, and if even then you can't understand then may be you have to think even harder about it ). Lets not waste our "precious gift" in doing something which doesn't matter in the end, but do something which brings peace to heart and soul. You know why I call it a " precious gift" , because we are all given it, we are all have been awarded with this treasure, so it doesn't matter whether you are poor or rich you have this precious thing that you can give to other. Lets say we give it as a gift for birthday to someone we love, (How?). It's so simple spending some time with him/her, being with him/her. In this way we are not only giving a moment from our life but we are giving him/her a part of our life, (Remember my above words that our life is made up of time). This is the seed I was talking about so sow it today, don't wait for tomorrow who knows tomorrow may or may not be.
Let's do  it before our precious gift flies away and we don't have anything in our hands. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Blue Lower Third

Again a blue lower third. A simple design, but this time I put it on an animated background rather than a black one.
This template is designed in Photoshop and then animated in After Effects. So the styles are editable in Photoshop to make color adjustment, or a Hue and saturation effect can be applied to change the colors. If you want it you can contact me.

Blue Style Lower Third

This is my first attempt to create a lower third in After Effects. Just used simple solids to create it.
All the text and colors are editable. If you need it you can contact me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tree Brushes

A set of 10 High Res. Tree Brushes. Actually these were created a few years ago but couldn't get the time to upload.

You are free to use these in non-commercial works, for use in commercial designs please contact me.